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January 2011



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Jan. 23rd, 2011

Random Dungeons

 Yesterday, I played some WoW. It was fun for awhile, trying to get the rest of the quests I had in Nagrand finished. I decided to queue for a random dungeon run. I got into one and it was an adventure. I got into 8 dungeons because of dungeon hopping from tanks quitting. The inconsistency from tanks was pure ridiculous. They just give up and I just wonder why so quick. Why don’t they learn and adjust? I assume it is attributed to the others get frustrated with their performance and kick them and taunt them. It is pretty pathetic how people behavior toward others.

Anyway, I stayed with the group until I just got fed up with the time it was taking to finish a dungeon. I already spend an hour in it. I left the group after another wipe. I sat there at my desk and shook my head. I wonder how people could play dungeons. It takes 1-2 or more hours to play just one. If you are in a random, there is no guarantee that you will have a good group and everyone will stay.

What affected me is the time needed to play in higher level dungeons. I played dungeons up to level 60. I played several dungeons in the Outlands that were fairly quick. But, after Hellsfire Ramparts, dungeons just get longer and even much longer with a bad group. I do not know if I want to commit to that. I do not want to. Dungeons require time to go through. That time that dungeons require turns me off. I could be doing something else more interesting. I do not want to sit at my computer mashing buttons for a long extended time. That does not sound fun to me. That just feels claustrophobic for me. That commitment scares me because I do not want to let people down, especially when I need to do something real quick that require my attention. I just do not know if I can get into dungeons. I can try, I can try anything but I do not like the time commitment to stick with dungeons until they are done.

After my experience, I decided that I would rather level many characters than to participate in dungeons and raids. For players who love them, love them, I do not hate you. I just realize that I do not like running dungeons and there is nothing wrong with that.

Nov. 1st, 2010

Congratz Giants

I wanted to say congrats to the SF Giants. They are the home team that brought the World Series Championship home!